About Us

The College has the following core values.

Contributing to National development.
Fostering competencies among the students.
Inclusion of a value system among students.
Promoting the use of new Technique, Tactics and Technology in Sports and Games.
Quest for excellence.


To develop competent Physical Education Teachers with innovative ideas who can take education to the people.
To impart quality Physical Education to student teachers and enable them to serve the society better.
To inculcate Moral, Social and Human values among student teachers to decipate the values, prepare an egalitarian society and promote Health, Recreation, Sports and Games


To facilitate learning among students through appropriate skills and methodologies and to exercise responsible leadership and render selfless service to the community
To achieve skill excellence through hard work, practice and participating in different Games and Sports of different levels
To shape sensitize and inculcate in the prospective teachers a desire for excellence combined with right attitudes, values and ideologies

Founder Message

Shri.R.Chinnathambi., the Founder of Mother Terasa Educational & Charitable Trust is well known for his contributions in the field of education. He is the father of our beloved Chairman. He was also the Chairman of Annavasal Union in 1986. He extends his guidance in each and every way in establishing the infrastructure, construction of building and guiding the staff of all the Institutions and also he is a personality of social worker by associating himself as a Vision to promote quality education in this rural area.

He is a Philanthropist and also a great Humanitarian.

Chairman Message

Rome was not built in a day. So are the accomplishments of every achievement. One small step leads to great expedition. Mr.R.C.Uthayakumar B.A., a great philanthropist and an entrepreneur. His main thirst is to give value- based education to the downtrodden people. So the trust aimed to propose the multi professional research-led institution, which will be internationally recognized leader in professional and career-oriented education, a-unique intersection between theory and practice, passion and reason. So they started the Polytechnic College, Teacher Training Institute, Engineering College, College of Education, Catering College, Arts & Science College and all the institutions produce 100% result.

This thought provoked him to start Mother Terasa College of Physical Education which will be another mile stone in the history of the Mother Terasa Educational and Charitable Trust. His vision is to educate the next generation of healthy and fit people for the society.

Our chairman is very much interested to develop sports in Southern part of Tamilnadu. His intension is to provide high quality of infra-structure facilities for the promotion of Tamilnadu state sports and Indian sports at International level.

Our Chairman is Young, Dynamic and Highly motivated to promote Quality Education for the rural People.

Principal Message

“Fit people, Fit Nation” is the policy of the ruling authorities’ right from the Greek civilization. It stands still good even at present. The domain of sports and games has become the yardstick to decide the prestige and status of a nation. A lot of spade work is to be done at the grass root level – school level. Unless we diagnose the defect, deficiency, discrepancy and disparity in our ailing field of Physical Education and sow the right seeds at the right time we cannot lay the strong foundation for the bright future of Physical Education and Sports at the turn of the next century.

Sports have greater significance and impact on human life. In the past not much importance was attached to sports in our country. But now we have realized that sport is a part and parcel of culture and civilization of the society. Mother Terasa College of Physical Education provides much more importance for sports and games. As a matter of fact, sports are becoming an inevitable and indispensable part of Indian curriculum education. Sports teach us discipline which can be effectively applied in practical life. Sports today enjoy a place of pride in all Modern Societies. They have greatly developed as an enchanting branch of human activity. Realising the vital need Mother Terasa College of Physical Education trains well disciplined, educated, and highly qualified Physical Educators for the society.